Thursday, 16 April 2015

The post code for the meeting hall

I have been asked for the post code for the Spalding community hall, Spalding common, PE11 3AS if you look for the bus stop oppersite good fellows road it is right out side the hall.

We are a group who are interested in woodturning at all levels of ability for beginners to the experience are represented in our membership 2015 will be our 20th year.
The meetings start at 7pm on the last Wednesday of the month except December when it is earlier.

Monday, 9 March 2015



28/01/2015        Annual General Meeting
25/02/2015        Mark and Lisa Raby  (with sadness Mark died a few days before the meeting)
25/03/2015        Club Night
29/04/2015        SUE HARKER
27/05/2015        Club Night  (competition  make a toy)
24/06/2015        ALAN TRUEMAN
29/07/2015        Club Night
26/08/2015        JOEY RICHARDSON
30/09/2015        Club Night
28/10/2015        MICK HANBURY
25/11/2015        Club Night (competition 75mm x75mm x 300mm block)
09/12/2015        TOM KITTLE

Visitors are welcome to the club - free on a club night but £4 when a Demonstrator attending

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fenland Woodturning Club 2014 Programme

January 29th   Club Night A.G.M

February 26th  ANDY COATES

March  26th        Club Night

April 30th       SHAUN CLIFFORD

May    28th       Club Night ( Competition ) A BOWL (12" or 300mm dia max )

June    25th     CHRIS AND RITA NORTON

July   30th        Club Night

August   27th    JOHN BERKELY

September   24th Club Night

October   29th    TONY WALTON

November   26th  Club Night (competition ) A VASE

December   10th       TONY WILSON

All meetings will start at 7.00pm and are held at the Spalding Commom Comunity Center.
Visitors are welcome membership for year is £27.50 for the year and visitors are charged £4 on nights that turners are demonstrating.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Fenland Woodturners Club 2013 Programme

30/01/2013        Annual General Meeting  ( Afterwards have a go on the lathe )

27/02/2013        Guy Ravine

27/03/2013        Club Night    ( Natter around the Lathe )

24/04/2013        Gerry Marlow

29/05/2013        Club Night  ( Competition )

26/06/2013        Simon Hope

31/07/2013        Club Night   ( Natter around the Lathe )

28/08/2013        Richard Findley

25/09/2013        Club Night   ( Natter around the lathe )

30/10/2013        Philip Greenwood

27/11/2013        Club Night   ( competition )

11/12/2013        Mick Hanbury

29/01/2014        A.G.M

All the meetings are held at the Spalding Common Community Center opposite Good Fellows road look for the bus stop and the hall is next to that.

Monday, 19 November 2012

October Meeting

October 2012 The turner was Rodger Foden, Rodger has been to the club before But Sadly his wife died six months ago and this was his first demonstration since so it was a bit long and sad for him .
50 Members turned out to see Rodger turn an Egg jewellery Box which be donated to the raffle for someone to polish and finish off .
For those that don't know Rodger he has only got 1 hand and puts the rest of us to shame with the items he turns.

 A close up of the egg box before it was completed.
 Below is one of the members spade shafts he turned from ash
 sorry for this but i seem to have the photo the wrong way round lovely vase in a stand.
 2 Christmas turnings ready for the tree
 Bowls and boxes below give a touch of Gabo Lacko and Patricia Spiro.

The November meeting is Competition night so we are looking forward to that but before we are going to the wood working show at Harrogate on Sunday 25th November 2012 we have seats left on the bus and this year the bus will lose money.but hey ho it is for members it may be the last trip we organise.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

September meeting

Hi All

The September meeting was a club night and was well attended we had the lathe going and Trev Blackburn was giving tips Steve Wright the woodman was doing well the club had arranged for Steve to bring some ash blocks for the competition the blocks were being sold for £1.80 each and about 30 were sold I have 11 so if anyone wants to enter the competition then come and see me for a block.

The competition is in November and you can make anything out of the block so I will have to remember to take the camera.
we also have a Bus trip to Harrogate Wood working show on Sunday 25th November 2012 the seats on the bus are £12 and the entry to the show is extra.
we have a 53 seat bus and at the moment have 34 people booked on it.

the 2013 programme is coming along OK at the moment and Bill the club secretary has been working hard to get the turners. thanks Bill for the hard work.
The club will have 2013 programme issued in December if we have all the spaces booked and comfirmed.

Just a Quick one this time thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

August meeting Gabor Lacko & Patricia Spero

The August meeting we had guest turners Gabor Lacko & Patricia Spero visit the club.
We had 56 members and visitors and both turners gave a talk and slide show with examples of their turning and artisitic work.
Everyone enjoyed the night and the turners were given a long, loud applause of appreciation.
I remembered to take my camara this time and this picture tells a thousand words!

 The bowl above is a tree with branches  Click on the picture to enlarge
 Bowls with leaves attached in colours of Autumn

 A paper weight with blue beads embedded
 Bowl with beads

 Brilliant work this is all peirced work

  Bowl with branch wood

What can you say? This brilliant work puts my ash bowls to shame. You have to be an artist for this sort of work.
Members that I have seen since the meeting have given lovely compliments and everyone enjoyed the night!